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Hotel Claska - Tokyo

On a design trip to Tokyo we were lucky enough to be able to have a great look around this minimalist designed hotel in one of the outer districts of Tokyo.

Upon entry a buzzy café is full of creative’s typing away on laptops or chatting through ideas over jasmine tea. The hotel offers a great restaurant, photography and film studio available for hire, a furniture and accessorise shop and an inhouse design team as well as the 20 individually designed bedrooms.

The design is so simplistic, huge rooms with sparse but well selected furniture complimented by rich textures and a natural material palette. There’s a bravery in this scheme, allowing the design elements space to be observed whilst also referencing some eastern styling within the joinery details and screening. Each room has a sense of tranquillity and stillness that automatically relaxes the mind and allows one to unwind.

We were so impressed, inspiration overload and a challenge to push the boundaries and be brave in the schemes we create.

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