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Work in the studio can sometimes be 100 miles per hour with barely enough time to put the kettle on some days. However, we feel it’s so important to make time to find a corner and grab some of the old journals and have a flick. In a world of Instagram and Pinterest inspiration overload is at our fingertips and as useful and amazing for our work these tools are, sometimes the sheer volume of content can lack refinement. Going back through the archives of journals we have collected is so important to refresh our mind and take in well-considered articles to give us direction and inspiration. Sometimes it will be a simple colour combination, or an idea for a feature lighting instillation.

We love this feature piece on the Henri Fitzwilliam Lay Shropshire mansions in the Ocotober 2016 House and Garden.

The classical architectural features have been retained and combined with a mid century scheme to create a funky vibrant interior we love.

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