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International Antiques & Collectors Fair

The IACF is arguably the biggest and best antiques market the UK hosts. There are 35 annual fairs across the country and we try and get to 3 or 4 a year if not more depending on what projects we have on that need some carefully selected authentic additions to their schemes.

Regularly used by the TV and film industry for props the key is to get there early before all the best bits are snapped up.

The range is vast, everything and anything and at really reasonable prices (apart from the sandwich wagons which are a rip off!). The sellers won’t try and rip you off either, there’s always a bit of haggling to be done but the prices of similar items seem to be pretty consistent across different sellers.

It’s always a great day out and a great place to network and get to know good suppliers that can be used even when the fairs aren’t on.

Check out the link below for the calendar and make a trip, you wont be disappointed!

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