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La Selva - Tuscan Villa, Italy

Updated: Apr 19, 2018

Located just over one hour drive South of Florence this stunning 300 year old farm house oozes character and charm. The main house sat in the heart of a 32-acre botanical garden is a homage to everything organic. Each window frames a perfect view of the rambling gardens.

Internally each room gives a new surprise of authentic antique furniture, rustic dressings and stunning tiling. Each piece of furniture soft to the touch, warn, loved and well used over the years.

When designing the interior of period properties its important to really focus on the character of the architecture and the surrounding environment. Work with the original craftsman, try and get their thinking cap on. Why did they make the decisions they did and what can be done now to enhance the original masterpiece. Often less is more in these cases, period architecture has so much character and charm our interior styling can be sensitive to the backdrop. Often research into local buildings erected in the same era will provide inspiration on a way forward with the design development.

In this Villa the owner Francesco and his family have slowly built their collection of vintage Italian furniture pieces that really compliment the organic styling of the rural property.

What an incredible hidden gem.

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