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Pizza 4P's - Vietnam

On the last afternoon in Vietnam after a week of travelling, we couldn’t face another bowl of pho or cao lau and happened to stumble over this Pizza restaurant. A Japanese concept that has been brought to Vietnam, and is clearly being incredibly well received.

The interior was a real surprise as Vietnam offers little in terms of well-designed leisure spaces. A pallet of stone and brick finishes act as a great backdrop for the 2 huge pizza ovens at the end of the restaurant kicking out a warm glow to soften the hard finishes. The hard grey backdrop was combined with a range of well selected eclectic vintage furniture to give it an edgy and current style.

There were some elements we weren’t too keen on and few details lacking in consideration however, for Vietnam a country crying out for great design (outside the 5 star hotels) this was a really encouraging little find. The pizza was blooming marvellous too!

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